Veterinary Surgical Procedures

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Surgery and Anesthesia

At Farrell Animal Hospital we do everything we can to eliminate your anxieties and to ensure the safety of your pet each time your pet undergoes anesthesia. For every procedure, we use only the newest and safest anesthetics available to veterinary medicine. This is the same gas anesthetic, Sevoflurane, commonly used in pediatric human patients. Unlike other anesthetics, Sevoflurane is minimally processed by the liver and kidneys, which assures a much more rapid recovery. In most cases, your pet goes home with you the same day of the procedure in a normal, awake state.

Because we have three LVT's at Farrell Animal Hospital, every anesthetic patient is closely monitored before, during, and after each procedure. An LVT monitors various vital signs throughout the entire anesthetic process. You can be comfortable knowing that your pet's safety is always our number-one concern!

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Pre-Anesthetic Blood Testing

We all experience anxiety when our pets are scheduled for an anesthetic procedure. To reduce risks and to help ensure that your pet is safe to anesthetize, we require pre-anesthetic bloodwork before every procedure. This bloodwork will let us know if your pet's internal organs are functioning properly. It may also reveal any hidden health conditions that could put your pet at risk. We believe that you deserve peace of mind when entrusting your pet into our care. Please ask any member of our staff for more details regarding our Pre-Anesthetic Blood Testing.

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