Veterinary Dental Care

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Dental Procedures at Farrell Animal Hospital

General anesthesia is required for us to properly assess each tooth and scale the tarter underneath the gumline. A physical exam and preoperative lab work will be completed prior to your pet’s procedure. This helps the doctor ensure your pet is healthy enough to undergo anesthesia and will help identify any underlying medical conditions.

Throughout the procedure we monitor your pet’s vital signs using all the same equipment used in human hospitals. Your pet receives fluid therapy through an IV catheter and warming devices are used to keep their body temperature within normal limits.

Using ultrasonic scalers, we remove plaque and calculus above and below the gumline. We polish your pet’s teeth to smooth out any rough surfaces where the tartar and plaque like to adhere. Dental radiographs are performed to better evaluate the health of each individual tooth and the bone around it.

Dental disease can be painful for your pet and harmful to your pet’s organs. Don’t put your pet at risk! Ask the staff at Farrell Animal Hospital to schedule your pet’s dental procedure today.

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