Canine Influenza Update


As many of you are aware, there have been recent large scale outbreaks of Canine Influenza Virus that began in the upper Midwest. In 10 months, more than 2000 cases have tested positive in 27 states.This new strain of influenza (H3N2) has now been documented in Texas, including the DFW area.

Therefore, we now recommend vaccinating all dogs that have social contact with other dogs (dog parks, grooming, daycare and boarding facilities). We also recommend vaccinating all dogs with chronic heart or respiratory conditions.

Unfortunately, the previous influenza vaccine (H3N8) does not cross protect against the new virus (H3N2). It is therefore necessary that each dog receive an additional set of vaccines for the new strain. The vaccine manufacturer is working on a dual vaccine. Until then, to help offset the cost, the manufacturer is also providing the additional vaccine at a discounted price.

If your dog matches the criteria listed above, call us to schedule your dog's immunization.
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The doctors and staff of Farrell Animal Hospital